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Welcome to The world's first 3D NFT Blockchain game, where you can own and create new heroes to battle. Fight with Hell, Elf and 4 other character classes.

About Idle Mystic

What is Idle Mystic?

Idle Mystics Story

Play and Earn

Idle Mystic is a blockchain Idle game on the Polygon network allowing players to fully own their in-game items.

Players can buy and sell each hero on their journey, and create new heroes in-game through inheritance before trading on the official marketplace and other decentralized marketplaces.

Idle Mystic offers single-player and PvP modes for players to battle, grow stronger Heroes and play to Earn.

NFT Game Heroes

There are 6 Classes of heroes in-game, with Alliance, Elf, Horde, Undead, Divine and Hell. Each Hero has special skills and attacks, and will have a natural enemy in battle.

Players need to choose their classes and formations carefully to stay alive

Game Modes

Idle Mystic offers single-player and PvP Idle Game modes, with tournaments and leagues coming.

Battle daily in single-player adventures, or take on teams of enemy heroes in 6v6 battles.

Idle Mystic Team

Mishi Khatri


Geoffrey Gardiner


Robert Wells


Idle Mystic Partners

Idle Mystic has teamed up with the best in crypto and traditional gaming to bring power to the players.

For any business proposals please reach out to our team below. (Business email)



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